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Welcome to the Somersworth Facility Resource Portal.

Somersworth School Department Asbestos Management Plan

Before you can request the use of a facility, you must register as a requester and be assigned to an organization.

For complete instruction on how to do this please see below. Community Use Instructions

Click here to Request a Facility

Fee Schedule for Use of Facilities Area Fee

Somersworth Policy KF Use Of School Facilities Community Center

How-to Register for the first time

Once you click here you will be brought to the Community Use Portal where you can see all public events scheduled in our facilities. You can filter by buildings, you can also filter by date.

Once here you will click on the "Log in to request Facilities":

Log in to request Facilities

Now you can either log in or Create an Account. If you are creating an account you must agree to the terms of use and conditions.

Create an Account

The rest is self explanatory. When you click Save & Next it will go into details about your organization. Once everything is entered the administration will either approve or deny your request and an e-mail will be sent to you.

Once you are logged in to the portal you will be able to see what organizations you are assigned to, any requests that you have entered, and will be able to Request Facility Use:

Request Facility Use

Most Events will be a single date however monthly meetings would be a recurring Schedule.

Recurring Schedule

You will be asked to enter the information that you want to request:

Enter the Information

When you hit "Search the system checks to see if anything is scheduled during that time frame.


Hit next and you will be asked for any services that you may require. Note: Some services will require fees.


You must enter the Total Attending and any other needs so that we can be prepared. Entering your e-mail address is you signature and confirm you have read the terms and conditions and then hit "Save".


After it is decided that there are no scheduling issues and that your insurance certificate is on-file and up to date, a decision will be made on your request.

If you have any problems, please do not hesitate to contact Jay Lilly @ 692-4450

Thank you for your help in making the facility request process more efficient.