School Board

The City of Somersworth operates as a City form of government.  As a result, the school district is considered a department of the City.  Together with the Mayor, City Manager and City Council, the school district administration and the school board work in concert with city officials to keep the community better informed about the educational opportunities available to the children in Somersworth.

Somersworth School Board includes nine members which are elected every two years. There are five ward seats and four at-large seats.  The school board typically meets twice a month in the City Hall Chambers.

Somersworth School Board Goals for 2022-2023

  1. The school district will review and modify the communication plan (i.e., strategies, formats) throughout the district to maximize consistency and increase effectiveness.
  2. The school district will monitor student enrollment and report to the school board to understand fluctuations in order to optimize enrollment.
  3. The school district will monitor staff retention and report to the school board in order to increase and support staff.
  4. The school board will increase visibility and engagement throughout the community with respect to current policies and procedures.  
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