Section I


Section I: Contains policies on the instructional program; basic curricular subjects, special programs, instructional resources, and academic achievement.

IB Academic Freedom November 2021
IC  School Year  August 2011
ICA School Calendar August 2011
IF  Instructional Approach  July 2014 
IFA  Instructional Needs of Each Individual Student  July 2014 
IFB  Remote Learning Adopted- Local Policy
August 25, 2020
IGA  Curriculum Development August 2011 
IGD Curriculum Adoption  August 2011
IGDH  Non-School Sponsored Contests for Students  August 2011 
IGE  Parental Objections to Specific Course Materials  February 2018 
IHAE  Physical Education  August 2011 
IHAH  World Languages Program  July 2014 
IHAJ  Information and Communications Technology  August 2011 
IHAK  Character/Citizenship Education  February 2018 
IHAL  Teaching About Religion  August 2011 
IHAM  Health Education and Exemption from Instruction  February 2018 
IHAMA  Teaching About Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco  March 9, 2021 
IHAMB  Teaching About Self Protection  August 2017 
November 10, 2020
IHAM-R  Health and Sex Education Exemption: Opt out Form  February 2018 
IHBA  Programs for Pupils with Disabilities  November 28, 2018 
IHBAA  Determining a Specific Learning Disability  September 2016 
IHBAA-R  Special Education Evaluation Procedures October 2016 
IHBAB School District Criteria for Special Education Evaluations/Parent Request for Independent Evaluation  April 20, 2021 
IHBA-R  Procedural Safeguards for Children with Disabilities  October 2016 
IHBBA  Limited English Proficiency Instruction  October 22, 2019
New Policy 
IHBBA-R  English as a Second Language  October 22, 2019 Withdrawn
IHBCA  Pregnant and Married Students  August 2011 
IHBG  Home Education Instruction  December 11, 2018 
IHBG-R Home Education/Dual Enrollment  December 11, 2018 
IHBH  Extended Learning Opportunities  July 2014 
IHBH-R  Extended Learning Opportunities-Application  July 2012 
IHBI  Alternate Learning Plans  November 28, 2018 
IHCA  Summer Activities  July 2014 
IHCD-LEB  Advanced Course Work/Advanced Placement Courses & Stem Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Program  Adopted
March 23, 2021 
IHE  Co-Curricular Programs  August 2011 
IIAE  Use of Movies and Other Resources Created for Entertainment  August 2011 
IIB  Class Size  August 2011 
IIC  Instructional Time Schedule  August 2011 
IICA  Repeating a Failed Course  Approved
January 26, 2021 
IIKEB  Class Standing  August 2011 
IJ  Instructional Materials Resources and Instructional Resources Plan  December 11, 2018 
IJK  Supplemental Materials Selection and Adoption  August 2011 
IJK-R  Supplemental Materials Selection and Adoption Form  August 2011 
IJL  Library Materials Selection and Adoption  August 2011 
IJND  Website Policy  August 2011 
IJO School, Family and Community Partnerships July 2014 
IJOA  Field Trips and Excursions  January 28, 2020 
(Form 1) Request for Educational Field Trip

(Form 2) Somersworth School District Requirements for Chaperones
Adopted January 28, 2020 
IJOAA  Foreign and Domestic Overnight Travel  Adopted January 28, 2020 
(Form 1) Statement of Agreement Field Trips

(Form 2) Foreign Travel-Overnight Field Trip Permission

(Form 3) Parental Request for Child to Participate in Overnight and-or Foreign Field Trip and Release and Indemnification Agreement 
Adopted January 28, 2020 
IMG Animals in the Classroom August 2011
IMD School Ceremonies and Observances August 2011
IMC Controversial Speakers & Programs November 2021 Reviewed No Changes
ILD Non-Educational Questionnaires, Surveys and Research October 23, 2018
ILD-R Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment-Supporting Forms October 23, 2018
IL Evaluation of Instructional Programs August 2011
IKG Awards and Scholarships August 2011
IKEA Student Promotion Standards August 2011
IKAE Academic Achievement - Earning of Credit August 2011
IKAB Student Progress Reports to Parents August 2011
IKA Grading System August 2011
ILBA Assessment of Educational Programs July 2014
IKAA Interdisciplinary Credit July 2014
IHAMB Teaching About Self Protection August 2017
IMGA Service Animals October 23, 2018
IKEA-R Student Promotion Standards August 2011
IKB Homework July 2014
IK Earning of Credit Sep 2014
IKFC Alternate Diploma for Students With Significant Cognitive Disabilities March 12, 2019
IKFG Career Readiness Pathways & Credentials Adopted
August 11, 2020
IMBA Online/Virtual Education July 2014
IMAH Daily Physical Activity July 2014
IKF High School Graduation January 8, 2019
IJOB Community Resources Person August 2011
IMDA Patriotic Exercises December 11, 2018
IMBD High School Credit For 7th and 8th Grade Coursework Sep 2014
IMBC Alternative Credit Options July 2014
ILDA Non-Educational Questionnaires, Surveys and Research October 23, 2018
ILBAA High School Competency Assessments August 2011
IKFA Early Graduation July 2014
IKE Student Placement/Promotion & Retention of Students July 2014
IJOC Volunteers June 11, 2019
IJOC-R Volunteer Agreement August 2011
IHCA Summer Activities July 2014
IHBI Alternate Learning Plans November 28, 2018