Each year, SYC collaborates with various components of the school district, including Special Ed and Title 1, with support from the School Board, to offer the most comprehensive extended learning programming around. 

For the 2023 Summer, these programs were intertwined in such a way that just under 200 students within the district accessed the 1/2 day academic program, and 60 students accessed the full-day SYC enrichment program. 

To break that down: From 9-11:30 those 200 students rotated through academics, including literacy, math, and socialemotional education run by certified teachers. From 11:30 to 3pm 60 students participated in STEM, physical education, project-based learning, art, and other enriching activities aimed at not only complementing their academic skills, but also strengthening their character. On Fridays, those who participated in the full-day SYC program participated in field trips such as White Lake State Park, Dover Children's Museum, and Take Flight: High ropes course. 



Program Director: Coty Donohue

Email[email protected]