SYC offers quality after school programs at the elementary and middle school levels. Programs are located at Idlehurst for grades K-5, and at SMS for 6-8. Maple Wood students are bussed from Maple Wood to Idlehurst at dismissal. 

 Students at both program levels are offered a nutritious snack, academic support, and choices of enrichments (clubs) run by certified teachers, field experts, local businesses, and/or college interns. 

SYC was started in part through the NHDOE 21st Century Community Learning Center Program. We offer extended day learning opportunities.  We provide a variety of academic and homework support, STEAM activities, health and nutrition education, fitness and wellness activities, enrichment programs and community service projects that encourage, support and foster positive healthy development of our youth academically physically, emotionally and socially. 


Elementary Schedule

3:00-3:10       Snack 
3:10-4:00       Academic Support 
4:00-5:00       Enrichments 
4:30-5:30       Nutritious Meal, Cleanup & Dismissal  


Middle School Schedule

2:20-2:40       Snack
2:40-3:30       Academic Support/ELS Zone
3:30-4:00       Community Meeting/Break Time
4:00-5:00       Enrichments
5:00-5:30       Nutritious Meal, Cleanup & Dismissal  


Use the link below to register your student and/or learn about pricing.