Section E: policy classification system provides a repository for statements of non instructional services and programs, including most of those that fall in the area of business management such as safety, buildings and management (not construction), transportation, food service

EBJoint Loss Management CommitteeJune 2013
EBBSchool SafetyJune 2013
EBBA Standard Precautions Against Bloodborne DiseasesAugust 2011
EBBA-RExposure Control Plan for Protection against Bloodborne DiseasesJuly 2011
EBBB Accident ReportsAugust 2011
EBBCEmergency Care and First AidDecember 2016
EBBDIndoor Air QualityJuly 2014

Crisis Prevention and ResponseMarch 12, 2019
EBCAEmergency PlanFebruary 2018
EBCA-REmergency Plan ChecklistJuly 2013
EBCB Fire DrillsAugust 2011
EBCC Bomb ThreatsAugust 2011
EBCDEmergency ClosingsJuly 2011
EBCE School Closings and CancellationsAugust 2011
EBCFPandemic/Epidemic EmergenciesAugust 2011
EC Buildings and Grounds ManagementNovember 2012
ECA Buildings and Grounds SecurityAugust 2011
ECFEnergy ConservationSeptember 2008
ECAC VandalismAugust 2011
ECAFAudio and Video Surveillance on School BusesAugust 2017
EDC Authorized Use of School Owned MaterialsAugust 2011
EDCAEmployee Use of Electronic Communication DevicesSeptember 2009
EEAStudent Transportation ServicesDecember 2016
EEAAVideo and Audio Surveillance on School PropertyDecember 2016
EEAE Bus Safety ProgramAugust 2011
EEAEAMandatory Drug and Alcohol TestingAugust 2011
EEAEC Student Conduct on School BusesAugust 2011
EEAED Sex Offender Registry InformationAugust 2011
EEAFSpecial Use of BusesAugust 2011
Use of Private Vehicles to Transport StudentsJanuary 28, 2020
EFFood Service ManagementOctober 2016
EFAAvailability and Distribution of the Healthy FoodsJuly 2014

Food Service Meal Payment Charging Policy & ProcedureAugust 2019
EFCFree and Reduced Lunch Price PolicyAugust 2011
EFE Vending MachinesAugust 2011
EHData Management (Public Use of School Records)February 2018
EHAAStaff Personnel Computer Security, E-Mail and internet CommunicationsDecember 2015
EHAAA Information TechnologyAugust 2011
EHABData Governance and SecurityMarch 12, 2019
EHBData/Records Retention March 12, 2019

Local Records Retention ScheduleMarch 12, 2019
EIRisk ManagementAugust 2011
EIBLiability Insurance and Pooled Risk ManagementAugust 2011
EID InsuranceAugust 2011