Section J: Contains policies on students-admissions, attendance, rights and responsibilities, conduct, discipline, health and welfare, and school-related activities

JBAAUnlawful Harassment and Violence May 2018
JBABTransgender and Gender Non-conforming Student'sMay 2018
JBAABAnti-Harassment for Elementary StudentsJuly 2011

Change of School or Assignment-Best InterestsApril 30, 2019
JEBEntrance Age RequirementsMay 2018

Change of School or Assignment-Manifest Educational HardshipApril 30, 2019
JFABAdmission of Tuition and Non-Resident StudentsJuly 2013
JFABB Foreign Exchange StudentsAugust 2011
JFABDAdmission of Homeless StudentsJuly 2014
JG Assignment of Students to Classes and Grade LevelsJuly 2014
JHStudent Attendance and AbsenteeismAugust 2011
JHBTruancyAugust 2011
JHCStudent Early Release PrecautionsSeptember 2009
JIStudent Rights and ResponsibilitiesAugust 2011
JIAStudent due Process RightsSeptember 2008

Student ConductMarch 12, 2019

Student Conduct, Discipline & Due ProcessMarch 12, 2019
JICEStudent PublicationsMay 2006
JICFAHazingFebruary 2018

Tobacco Products Ban use and Possession in land on School Facilities and GroundsMarch 12, 2019
JICHStudent Substance AbuseAugust 2011
JICIWeapons on School PropertyAugust 2013
JICJUnauthorized Communication DevicesSeptember 2014
JICKBullyingDecember 2015
JICLSchool District Internet Access for StudentsDecember 2011
JIHStudent Searches and Their PropertySeptember 2014
JIH-RSearch of StudentsSeptember 2014
JJIBInterscholastic AthleticsJuly 2011

Access to Public Programs by Nonpublic, Charter School and Home Educated PupilsDecember 11, 2018
JKStudent DisciplineJuly 2011
JKAAUse of RestraintsNovember 2014
JKAA-RUse of Restraints and SeclusionNovember 2014
JKDAAlternative to SuspensionJuly 2011
JLCStudent Health ServicesAugust 2011
JLCBImmunizations of StudentsMay 2018
JLCCCommunicable DiseasesSept 2014
JLCDAdministering Medicines to StudentsDecember 2016
JLCEFirst Aid and Emergency Medical CareDecember 2016
JLCFStudent Wellness PolicyJuly 2014
JLCJConcussions and Head InjuriesNovember 2014
JLCKSpecial Physical Health Needs of StudentsJune 2017
JLDSchool Guidance and Counseling ProgramJuly 2017
JLDBABehavior Management and InterventionJuly 2014
JLFReporting Child Abuse and NeglectFebruary 2018
JLIJoint Loss Management CommitteeJuly 2013

Student Records and Access-FERPADecember 11, 2018