SOMERSWORTH SECTION F: Facilities, Planning and Development

Section F: Contains policies and regulations, on facility planning, financing, construction, and renovation.

FA Facilities Development GoalsAugust 2011
FAD Anti-Idling PlanAugust 2011
FAE Integrated Pest ManagementAugust 2011
FB Facilities Maintenance and PlanningAugust 2011
FBB Enrollment ProjectionsAugust 2011
FBC Energy Efficient Equipment and ApplianceAugust 2011
FE Facilities ConstructionAugust 2011
FEA Educational Specifications for ConstructionAugust 2011
FEB Architect/Engineer/Construction ManagerAugust 2011
FEE Site AquisitionAugust 2011
FEH Supervision of Construction/Clerk of the WorksAugust 2011
FF Naming of Buildings and FacilitiesAugust 2011