SOMERSWORTH SECTION A: Foundations and Basic Committments

Section A : Contains policies on the District’s legal role in providing public education and the basic principles underlying school board governance.  These policies provide a setting for all of the school board’s other policies and regulations.

AASchool District Legal StatusMarch 2014
ABAVolunteer Involvement (also IJOC) March 2014
ACAC-Non-Discrimination Policy October 23, 2018

Non-Discrimination – Title IX GrievancesOctober 10, 2019
ACEProcedural Safeguards-Non-Discrimination on the
basis of Handicap/Disability
December 2016
ACE-RGrievance ProceduresJuly 2011
ADPhilosophy of SomersworthApril 2014

Drug Free Workplace/ Drug Free Schools (also GBEC) March 12, 2019
ADCTobacco Products Ban Use and Possession in and on School Facilities and Grounds (also GBED, JICG, KH) March 12, 2019
ADDSafe SchoolsMarch 2014