SOMERSWORTH SECTION B: Board Governance and Operations

Section B: Contains polices, on the school board-how it is appointed or elected;
how it is organized; how it conducts meetings, and how the board operates. This section includes by-laws and policies establishing the Board’s internal operating procedures.

BA School Board Self-Evaluation and Goal Setting
November 2012
BA-REvaluations of School Board ProceduresJuly 2011
BA-R1Evaluation of School BoardNovember 2012
BAA Evaluation of the Board
August 2011
BAAA School Board Policies and Admin. Procedures
August 2011
BB Board Legal Status
August 2011
BBA School Board Powers and Duties
August 2011
BBAA Board Member Authority
August 2011
BBB School Board Elections
August 2011
BBBA Board Member Qualifications
August 2011
BBBC Board Member Resignation
August 2011
BBBD Board Member Removal From Office
August 2011

Unexpired Term FulfillmentMay 14, 2019
BBBHRecognition of Organization of SAU School BoardJuly 2011
BBBH-RRecognition of SAUJuly 2011
BCA School Board Members Ethics
December 11, 2018
BCBBoard Member Conflicts of Interest
August 2017
BDA Board Organizational Meeting
August 2013
BDB Board Officers
August 2011
BDD Board-Superintendent Relations
August 2011
BDESchool Board Standing CommitteesAugust 2017
BDF Advisory Committees to the Board
August 2011
BDG School AttorneyAugust 2011
BEARegular Board MeetingsAugust 2011
BEAA School Board Meeting PreparationAugust 2011
BEB Special Board MeetingsAugust 2011
BEC NON-Public SessionsAugust 2011
BEDA Public Notification of School Board
August 2011
BEDBAgenda Preparation and DisseminationFebruary 2018
BEDCQuorumAugust 2017
BEDDRules of OrderSeptember 30, 2019
(No Changes)

MinutesJune 25, 2019
BEDG-RAccess to Minutes and Public Records ProcessFebruary 2018

Public Comment and Participation at Board MeetingsJune 11, 2019
BFE Administration in Policy AbsenceAugust 2011
BG Board Policy DevelopmentAugust 2011
BGA Policy Development SystemAugust 2011
BGB Policy AdoptionAugust 2011
BGC Policy review and Evaluation/Manual AccuracyAugust 2011
BGD Board Review of Administrative RulesAugust 2011
BGE Policy DisseminationAugust 2011
BGF Suspension PolicyAugust 2011
BKALiaison with School Board AssociationJuly 2011
BHC Board-Staff CommunicationsAugust 2011
BHE School Board use of EmailAugust 2011
BIANew Board Member OrientationAugust 2011
BIB Board Member Development OpportunitiesAugust 2013
BIBABoard Member Conferences, Conventions and WorkshopsJuly 2011
BIDPayment for Services Rendered by School District OfficeJuly 2011
BIEBoard Member IndemnificationAugust 2011
BJ Board Legislative InvolvementAugust 2011
BK School Board MembershipsAugust 2011
BKALiaison with School Boards Association