About SAU56

The Somersworth School District is a department in the City of Somersworth. Working together with the Mayor, City Manager and City Council the district has been afforded additional opportunities to keep the community better informed about the educational needs of the students in Somersworth.  Somersworth has two elementary schools, Maple Wood with an enrollment of 275 students, Idlehurst with an enrollment of 500 students.  The Middle School has an enrollment of 475 students and the high school with an enrollment of 500 students.

In addition SAU 56 also includes the Rollinsford School District which is a Kindergarten through grade 6 district with a student enrollment of 155 students.  As of July 1, 2015 Rollinsford sends its grade 7 through 12 students to Marshwood in Maine.

Somersworth operates as a City form of Government in which the city council determines the bottom line budget for the school department.

Rollinsford operates as a Town form of Government in which a budget committee determines the bottom line budget for the school department with final approval by the voters in March.

Somersworth School Board includes 9 members which are elected every two years. There are 5 ward seats and 4 at-large seats.

Rollinsford School Board includes 5 members which are elected for a three year term with seats that stagger yearly.

Through our strong supportive communities and a caring, dedicated staff working together we are able to face and overcome many challenges.  We see these challenges as opportunities to educate our students today knowing that they are our future.