About SAU56

The Somersworth School District is a department in the City of Somersworth working with the mayor and the city council which gives the district additional opportunities to keep the community better informed about the educational needs of the students in Somersworth. Somersworth has two elementary schools, Hilltop with an enrollment of 151 students, Maple Wood with an enrollment of 507 students, the Somersworth Middle School with an enrollment of 533 students and Somersworth High School with an enrollment of 612 students. In addition SAU 56 also includes the Rollinsford School District which is a kindergarten through grade 6 district with a student enrollment of 200 students. Rollinsford sends its seventh through twelfth graders to Somersworth for the completion of their middle and high school education.

The mission of the Somersworth School District is to inspire all students to excel, to develop a thirst for knowledge, and to teach the essential skills necessary to be caring, contributing, and responsible individuals in an ever-changing world.”

Even though each district has its own mission our vision is the same which is
to insure that all students are engaged in quality work achieving high standards.

To achieve this goal we continuously strive to improve our curriculum, instruction and assessment. This past year we have aligned our English/Language Arts curriculum with the New Hampshire Frameworks, grade level and grade span expectations, and are currently reviewing science and mathematics. As we follow each of our students we use a variety of assessments to determine individual student growth beyond the NECAP. In addition we use the data from these assessments to drive our instruction.

Our commitment to PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions & Supports) continues to grow as this fall Somersworth High School has become a PBIS School. PBIS promotes positive behavior in all students while also providing targeted and intensive behavior for students with emotional and behavioral challenges. Our elementary schools have three school-wide behavioral expectations, Be Safe, Be Respectful, and Be Responsible, Somersworth Middle School includes the elementary expectations as well as Be Cooperative and Somersworth High School includes the elementary and middle school expectations adding Be Successful. The goal of PBIS is to increase instructional time by improving positive student behavior.

To improve the success rates of our students and decrease the drop out rate we are pleased to report that we are part of the APEX II (Achievement for Drop out Prevention and Excellence) grant which promotes the development of PBIS, making decisions based on data and promoting an environment for the success of all students. In addition, this grant also includes working with Project RENEW to provide services to students who are most at risk. Already as a result of these efforts the drop-out rate at Somersworth High School is much lower than it was a year ago.

During these times of national school violence we encourage all of our staff and students to be more vigilant of our collective safety and well-being. We are also taking additional measures to insure the security of our students, staff and school buildings. We know that security is a community responsibility and by working cooperatively with our parents and local officials it will enable us to protect our entire school community.

We are committed to the integration of technology within our school culture. Towards this end we have upgraded our technology working towards providing our students and staff the tools that they need to effectively use technology as part of teaching and learning.

Through our strong supportive community and a caring, dedicated staff working together we are able to face and overcome the challenges. We see these challenges as opportunities to educate our students today knowing that they are our future.