ROLLINSFORD SECTION B: Board Governance and Operation

Section B: Contains policies, on the school board-how it is appointed or elected; how it is organized; how it conducts meetings; and how the board operates. This section includes by-laws and policies establishing the boards internal operating procedures.

BASchool Board Self-Evaluation and Goal SettingDecember 2012
BA-REvaluation of the School Board Operations and Procedures
July 2011
BA-R1Evaluation of School BoardDecember 2012
BAAEvaluation of School Board/Board Self-EvaluationJuly 2011
BAAASchool Board Policies and Admin. Procedures
July 2011
BBSchool Board Legal Status
July 2011
BBASchool Board Powers and Duties
July 2011
BBAABoard Member Authority
July 2011
BBBBoard Membership-Elections-Appointment
July 2011
BBBABoard Member Qualifications
July 2011
BBBCBoard Member Resignation
July 2011
BBBDBoard Member Removal From Office
July 2011
BBBEUnexpired Term Fulfillment/VacanciesJuly 2011
BBBHRecognition of Organization and Operation of the School Administrative Unit (SAU) BoardJuly 2011
BBBH-RRecognition of OrganizationJULY 2011
BCASchool Board Member Ethics
October 10, 2019
BCBSchool Board Member Conflicts of Interest
September 2017
BDABoard Organizational Meeting
July 2011
BDBBoard Officers
July 2011
BDCAppointed Board officialsJuly 2011
BDDBoard-Superintendent Relations
July 2011
BDE Board CommitteesJuly 2011
BDFAdvisory Committee to the Board
July 2013
BDGSchool Attorney/Legal ServicesJuly 2011
BEARegular Board MeetingsJuly 2011
BEAASchool Board Meeting PreparationJuly 2011
BEBSpecial Board MeetingsJuly 2011
BECExecutive Sessions/Open MeetingsJuly 2011
BEDANotification of Board
July 2011
BEDBAgenda Preparation & DisseminationFebruary 2018
BEDCQuorumSeptember 2017
BEDDRules of OrderSeptember 2017
BEDD-RSample Rules of OrderSeptember 2017
BEDGMinutesDecember 2019
BEDG-RAccess to Minutes and Public Records ProcessWithdrawn
January 14, 2021
BEDHPublic Participation at Board MeetingsDecember 2019
BFEAdministration in Policy AbsenceJuly 2011
BGSchool Board Policy ProcessJuly 2011
BGAPolicy Development SystemJuly 2011
BGBPolicy AdoptionJuly 2011
BGCPolicy Revision and ReviewJuly 2011
BGDBoard Review of RegulationsJuly 2011
BGEPolicy Communication/Feedback/DisseminationJuly 2011
BGFSuspension/Repeal of PolicyJuly 2011
BHCBoard-Staff CommunicationsJuly 2011
BHESchool Board use of EmailJuly 2011
BIANew Board Member Orientation/HandbookJuly 2011
BIBBoard Member Development OpportunitiesAugust 2013
BIBABoard Member Conferences, Conventions and WorkshopsJuly 2011
BIDPayment for Services Rendered by School District OfficeJuly 2011
BIEBoard Member Insurance/LiabilityJuly 2011
BJBoard Legislative ProgramJuly 2011
BKSchool Board MembershipsJuly 2011
BKALiaison with School Board AssociationsOctober 2008