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Need to email a teacher? Use first initial and last name (no space)  (ie., John Doe: 

Does is seem like children these days are slower to become real adults? Read this article from NPR about "Generation Next" and get some insight into why 18-25 year olds are taking their sweet time to "grow up."

Need a tutor? Check out We haven't had any experience with them but the press they've been getting seems pretty good. Let us know if you use them, please!!

JUNIORS ONLY (and parents) at the Annual DESTINATION COLLEGE Convention every spring.  Check out the college fair, workshops on college issues, LUNCH, as well as scholarships and raffles!  IT'S ALL FREE!  Call 1800-525-2577 x119 for more info.  Don't forget to register on-line!.

Plenty of training in LOTS of well-paying trades. Visit the New England Laborers' Training Trust Apprentice Programs.


Check out these helpful tips on paying for college!


How often a family eats dinner together is a powerful indicator of whether a teen is likely to smoke, drink or use drugs and whether the teen is likely to perform better academically, according to a new report from The National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University.  For more information, visit: 


NAMI NH has many resources for parents, including Parents Meeting the Challenge and Parent Support Groups:

Parents Meeting the Challenge is a FREE 8 session educational program for parents and caregivers of children and youth with emotional disorders. Find out more about Parents Meeting the Challenge! Find out more about NAMI's Parent Support Group in Rochester National clearinghouse for information on higher education opportunities for people with disabilities. The site also can be read in Spanish.  This is from the White House's Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanic Americans. Click on "Post-Secondary" to get to the information on college. It provides a good step-by-step explanation of types of colleges, testing, finances and the application process. The site also can be viewed in Spanish. Facts, statistics, useful information and links to sites that may be of interest to parents who have children in college.

Check out the excellent NURSING program at Great Bay Community College at Pease!  It's close by and quite inexpensive!

Is your junior in the top 20% of their class?  St. Paul's School  Advanced Studies Program (Concord) offers a time honored program to prepare motivated students for the rigors of college while providing them with a definite edge over their college-bound peers.  5 weeks during the summer of a student's junior year could make all the difference.  Top NH students have been attending for 37 years - urge your son or daughter to pick up a catalog in guidance today. 

Collegiate Summer Program for High School Students at the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts (Merrimack NH) is GREAT prep for college - along the same lines as St. Paul's Advanced Studies program (see above) - major enrichment!  Students must have completed at least 2 years of HS.  Give'm a call at 880-8308.

Have a college-bound child who's shaky on basic Math and English skills?  Check out the Transitions program at Dover Adult Learning Center or call 742-2030.

FREE online pre-tests for the PSAT, SAT, and many others!!  Go to and click on the practice test of your choice.  Great ways to prepare for these important tests!

Get your child to take this full SAT Practice Test on-line and not only get instant scores but also a report on strengths and weaknesses--for  F R E E.  Great for kids who missed the PSAT too!  Look around this site for lots of other helpful info.

College Credits for SHS courses?  You betcha!  It's called Project Running Start and it saves students time and money.  Learn more here.

Have you lost a loved one?  Is it hard to concentrate?  Difficulty with your memory?  Sleeping and eating habits changing?  Time to get some help: Attend a free grief support program (ages 18 - mid 30's) presented by Seacoast Hospice, whom we HIGHLY recommend.  Call 1-800-416-9207 to register or for more information.  (They offer MANY different programs too!)

Is your teenager heading for turmoil?  Take this quiz!  Helpful results as well as many resources await.

Wonder what's going on in your teen's head?  Hormones? Rock music? Boredom? Drugs?  In "Inside the Teenage Brain," PBS's FRONTLINE chronicles how scientists are finding some new explanations for why adolescents behave the way they do. These discoveries could change the way you parent, teach, or perhaps even understand your teenager!  Check out the site and/or borrow the video from guidance.

Check out each week.

A scholarship just for JUNIORS that's worth up to $25,000!  It's the DISCOVER CARD TRIBUTE AWARD and if your junior has at least a 2.75 gpa and dealt with a particularly tough challenge he/she could get between $2500 and yes, $25,000!  Download an application today.  Deadline is 1/7/06.

Does your son or daughter have an average to poor SAT scores and/or a not-so-great GPA and want to go to a 4 year college?  WRITE START TUTORING can help such students create an awesome application for FREE.  Call 659-1882 today.

Think your child can't go to college?  Truth is they most likely can.  Make sure you're not falling for any of these 10 college myths!

BRIDGES is the software used by the guidance department to access info on colleges, careers, financial aid, and much more. is the company that sells it. To access BRIDGES on the web contact guidance for the necessary ID and password.

Educational Talent Search (ETS) encourages limited income students from NH to pursue education beyond high school at two or four year colleges. An ETS representative meets with students at SHS every other week at no cost to eligible participants. 

The Upward Boundhelps eligible high school students go on to and be successful in higher education. The students that Upward Bound serves must come from low-income families (with incomes at or below 150% of poverty) and/or are first generation potential college students (neither parent/guardian has earned a bachelor's degree).

Juniors and Seniors can start college early at YCCC (York County Community College).  With a 3.0+ students can take college classes as part of the Early Studies Program in a ton of different subject areas!

The Relatives as Parents Program (RAAP) provides families who are caring for a relative's child an opportunity to meet for support and networking.  Parenting a relative's child requires a great deal of support. Reach out and call the HUB at 749-9754 for more information on this helpful program.

If you would like to make a real difference in the life of a child with a disability, please consider becoming an Educational Surrogate Parent. Volunteers are urgently needed to represent the educational interests of children with disabilities whose parents are unknown, unavailable, children who are wards of the state, or who are court ordered to be represented by a Surrogate Parent. Interested individuals may obtain an application by contacting Bonnie at 1-800-232-0986.

FOSTER HOMES NEEDED in the Seacoast area.  Contact Karen Magowan @ DCYF 332-9120 x179. 

Like to get involved in your child's education but not sure how or what the best ways might be? The NEA has got some very helpful ideas for you!

Think that "experimenting" with alcohol and drugs is just "part of growing up?"  You couldn't be more wrong....did you know THIS?

Top 10 reasons to raise NH teacher salaries.  Bet you didn't know....

The Armed Forces wants your son and/or daughter, well, at least their name, address and phone number.  We are required by law to provide this information UNLESS we receive a written request from you, the parents.  Send it to Somersworth HS Guidance, 11 Memorial Drive, Somersworth, NH  03878.      

"Hyper-Parenting" explains why it is better -- in the short and long run -- for parents and kids alike to slow down, do less, and generally turn the volume down on family life. Parenting should not consume every last bit of our time, money and energy. Itís not good for us as parents, and itís potentially dangerous for our children and their healthy development.  Click on the "12 steps" box two-thirds down the page for some great tips.

We've just discovered a national tutoring company called Club Z that looks very promising.  They offer a wide variety of services and are licensed by the state of NH.  "Club Z!  Tutoring Services provide one-on-one, individualized instruction for students and business professionals in the comfort of their home or office.  Professional tutors are carefully chosen and specifically assigned, each exhibiting unique qualifications in their area of expertise."  Call the Seacoast offices at 775-7200.

SASS - Sexual Assault Support Services offers support and informational groups for teens, teen survivors of sexual violence and their parents.  There are groups for girls, women, boys, and non-offending parents of sexually victimized children: 436-4107                Crisis and support hot-line: 1 (888) 747-7070


Is college the answer for everyone?  Definitely not!  Read this article from the LA Times and get a refreshing reality check!

Need some help finding a job, an education, or a career?  The NH Career Resource Network has got what you need! Tons of info and tons of help.

Is your child in danger of dropping out?  Have they already?  Here's some info on options to traditional high school in the Seacoast area.

How do you nurture your child's mental health??  Here's what the US Dept. of Health and Human Services has to say . . .

Seacoast Hospice runs several Grief Support Groups throughout the year.  Visit their web site or call 1-800-416-9207 for more information.

Your son/daughter having trouble developing good study habits?  Are you at a loss about how to help?  HERE are some good pointers for both student and parent.

Girls and boys face unique challenges growing up in the 21st century, and as a result,  parenting is trickier than ever.  Are you up to date on the latest theory, issues, and research?  Here are some enlightening links to help you help your child in these unprecedented times.

Family Education    Fathering 

You and your teen doing the communication breakdown?  Just can't seem get past the yelling and screaming?  Here are some great tips on quelling the storm.