AKA Financial Aid & Scholarship Info

Each month register to win cool prizes and college scholarships through NHHEAF's Promo of the Month Drawing. If you don't win this month, register again next month!

If you want a true comparison of how much different colleges cost, look for each school's Net Price Calculator. Many are registered on NetPriceCalculator.CollegeBoard.org

Find money for college while chatting on facebook!

Check out MTV and College Board's new facebook app MY COLLEGE DOLLAR$. You enter some info about yourself and they find scholarships for you! When used safely facebook can be a great resource! Search for it on facebook or on CollegeBoard.org


The successful applicant will be a high school senior who is currently involved in some sport at school or in the community.

Visit www.BigSunAthletics.com to learn how to apply.


There are lots of great sites out there for finding scholarships. But please note, you may be about to get SCAMMED if:  1) You have to pay a fee.  2) Money-back guarantee.  3) Credit card or bank account info required.  4) Offers of "Exclusive Information."  IF THEY'RE ASKING FOR ANY OF THIS, STAY AWAY!

Start with these NH resources:

        1. NH93 -- local scholarship database

        2. NHHEAF -- They've got lots of information for you as well as links to loan calculators and NH colleges.

        3. NHCF -- The MOTHER of all NH scholarship information. Feeling lazy? Fill out 1 online app & be considered for all their scholarships. Hit up their site and find the money! 

        4. iamcollegebound.org

        5. Ask Joe College -- blog with info about all sorts of college info

DECA, FBLA, and those interested in Entrepreneurial Studies need to see this scholarship list! Hurry!


Heading to a Private College? Enter DiscoverColleges.com's $2500 scholarship drawing. Just enter!


Are you heading to a NH community College for automotive? Apply for the NH Auto Dealers Association's scholarship by going to www.nhada.com and check out their Education Foundation or download the app here

Going to school for a construction related major? About to complete your 2nd year of building trades? Then the SHS/CTC Building Trades Trust has a $500.00 one-time scholarship for you! See Mr. Patterson for details.

Anyone in their 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of college studying surveying, civil engineering, or forestry should check out scholarships at www.nhlsa.org under "scholarship notices."

Check out www.studentscholarships.org to set up a profile that matches your interests to scholarships.


ZINCH is the hot new scholarship/college info site. You fill out a profile and they hook you up with scholarships & colleges that fit your interests.


Tuition break! If you are after a degree that isn't offered at a NH school but is offered in different state's school you may be able to pay the in-state tuition rate. Check it out at www.nebhe.org.


Here's a bunch of auto-related leads -- check 'em out!


If you've got at least a 2.0 GPA go to www.MeritAid.com.


More Federal info from US Dept. of Education. Visit www.nh.gov/postsecondary .


Another up-and-coming search engine is waiting to find you the MONEY at www.schoolsoup.com


Attending a CAREER COLLEGE next year?  GPA at least a 2.5?  Done some community service?  Then apply for the $1,000 Imagine America scholarship--up to 5 awards given to each high school!!  The catch is that your school must be participating in the program and so far there are no NH colleges.  Check it out today.


100 $1000 scholarships waiting for your application at CAMPUSDOOR.COM!


DECA MEMBERS:  We have a whole book of scholarships just for you.  Check it out in guidance or see your advisor.


FFA MEMBERS:  We have a whole book of scholarships just for you.  Check it out in guidance or see your advisor.


www.savingforcollege.com A source for objective information about Section 529 college savings plans and other ways to save and pay for college.

www.fidelity.com/unique  New Hampshire's State sponsored Unique College Investment Plan.

www.savingsbonds.gov buy and redeem securities directly from the U.S. Department of the Treasury in paperless electronic form.

www.upromise.com Join millions of families who turn their everyday spending into college savings.

Are you HISPANIC?  Go to www.hsf.net NOW and check out all the scholarships!!

Studying out of the country?  Check out www.iefa.com for international scholarships galore!

CONTACT THESE FOLKS!  NH Higher Education Assistance Foundation (NHHEAF). New Hampshire has lots of aid available - don't miss out.


Going to BEAUTY SCHOOL?  If you attend one of the Empire Beauty Schools in Somersworth, Dover, Laconia, or Portsmouth guidance has a $500 scholarship just for you--see Mr. H.    Call Lauren for more information at 692-1515.


Wells Fargo wants your loan business but they also are offering 100 $1000 scholarships and free financial aid advice on their College Steps page.  


Scholarships for "C" students? YES!  

The U.S. Commission for Scholastic Assistance - College Bound hooks you up with over 1000 different private scholarship sources - for FREE! Examples: handicapped student scholarships, members of church scholarships, scholarships for "C" students, Veteran Children's scholarships, scholarships for minorities, and many more. 

Must send a self-addressed, stamped, business size #10 envelope to:
The U.S. Commission for Scholastic Assistance
P.O. Box 668
O'Fallon, IL 62269

The College Board folks have got lots of helpful info for you including SCHOLARSHIPS!

Here's a big list of FREE Scholarships, some of which are already listed further down this page (stay away from the credit card links!!!).  They've got some Athletic Scholarships too.

Check out Discovercolleges.com and enter to win $2500 towards tuition at any private college.  All sorts of interesting information on this site.

College-Specific Scholarships: Most schools offer some type of financial rewards for incoming students who were in the top 10-15% of their graduating class and need financial aid - from a few grand to full tuition.  Make sure you ask!

• Are You a GOOD STUDENT?  Would you like your college tuition and fees up to $68,000 paid for?  How about $4000 a year for living expenses?  An allowance to cover your books?  Hook up with ARMY ROTC and see what they can do for you.  (must be 17, take SAT by Nov. and score 1100+, participate in extra-curricular activities, etc.)  

•  Considering MASSACHUSETTS for school?  MassMentor is giving away $1000 EVERY WEEK!  Register for a scholarship today at massmentor.edu!

•  You or your parents know anybody who belongs to the ODD FELLOW or REBEKAH LODGE?  These folks have both scholarships ($1000 to $2000) and loans (at 4%) available to eligible students AFTER your first college marking period.  Find one of these people and apply!  Email R.K. Babb for more info.

•  ONE WEEKEND/month could earn you $400/month (cash+tuition) in the NH Air Nat'l Guard as a full-time student.  They don't call it the "Best Part-time Job in America" for nothing!  Call 1-800-257-9368 today.

Are you Asian, Native American, Hispanic or African American?  Do you have at least a 3.2 GPA?  Better check out the Gates Millenium Scholarship. It's from Bill Gates, you know, Microsoft, wealthiest man in the country, THAT Bill Gates.  Apply today!

We don't exactly endorse this but if you're interested . . . America's Junior Miss Pageant offers more than $1.8 million in scholarships to young women nation-wide.  Check'em out at www.ajm.org

102 Scholarships for Minority Students!!!!

Citizens’ Scholarship Foundation of America (CSFA)  is the nation’s largest private sector scholarship and educational support organization. It carries out its mission of expanding access to educational opportunities and encouraging academic achievement through its three programs.

Wells Fargo offers 250 $1000 CollegeSTEPS Scholarships.  Sure, they'd like to have you as a customer too but this program is free, and so is their Educational Resource Center.  Check'em out. 


Trying to figure out those Award Letters you've been getting from colleges?  Check out this letter and this helpful article.

If you need ANY financial aid--you must file your FAFSA form soon after 1/1/13.    First, get your PIN NUMBER.    Here are 10 tips to help you.

• Hook up with FastWEB, AbsolutelyScholarships, FastAID, Finaid.org www.wiredscholar.com and Scholarships.com for lots of free scholarships and college related info.  The longer you wait, the less money you'll find.

• Uncle Sam wants to help too!  Check out ed.gov/finaid.html, students.gov, fedmoney.org and studentaid.ed.gov.

FinaidFacts.org is the most up-to-date financial aid resource guide on the Internet and is updated every month.  All students are eligible for some type of financial assistance, regardless of financial need.  FinaidFacts.org does not collect any information from students and the goal is to provide free and accurate info for students."  Sounds good to us so CHECK IT OUT!

• It's thick but stick with it, there's gold somewhere in the Nat'l Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators web site!

• The New York Daily News called FinAid "the hottest site on the Internet for financial aid tips." It is "the best place to begin a search" according to the Chicago Sun-Times, and "the grand-daddy of all Web sites" according to the Boston Globe. Yahoo Internet Life said to "make FinAid your first stop. This site offers some of the best 'how to' guidance on securing financial aid."

• Check out the American Legion's scholarship search engine.  They have supplied SHS with a financial aid handbook too, which is available in guidance.  If you'd like your own copy, call 1-888-453-4466.  They're $3.95 each.

• The Federal Student Aid programs are the largest source of student aid in America, providing over $60 billion a year in grants, loans, and work-study assistance. Here you'll find help for every stage of the financial aid process, whether you're in school or out of school.

• The US Department of Education has got beaucoup info on their award winning students.gov site.  Drop by and get the skinny on gov't services, educational planning, financial aid, career stuff, etc.  

•  The Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) organization has several programs for you to check out.  Some are open to everyone and others are limited to children and grandchildren of US Military Veterans.

•   The American Legion has a website with great resources for veterans and veterans' dependents who are starting the college process. Check it out at www.legion.org/NeedALift and download the helpful booklet atwww.NeedALift.org


• The folks who publish the famed Peterson's Guide to Colleges have got a great site with beaucoup info on all things collegiate.  Check out CollegeQuest!

• MAKING IT COUNT is a very informative site for high school and college students (parents too!).

• Don't forget the CollegeBoard folks.  They've got scholarship and financial aid info too!

• Educational Talent Search (ETS) encourages limited income students from NH to pursue education beyond high school at two or four year colleges. An ETS representative meets with students at SHS every other week at no cost to eligible participants. 

• The Upward Bound helps eligible high school students go on to and be successful in higher education. The students that Upward Bound serves must come from low-income families (with incomes at or below 150% of poverty) and/or are first generation potential college students (neither parent/guardian has earned a bachelor's degree).

• Surf on over to GOCOLLEGE.COM, register, take your very own practice SAT, and then get the results as soon as you finish. There’s lots of other helpful info on scholarships and colleges so check it out soon."

• Sallie Mae provides education loans and information on all sorts of different loans and repayment plans.  Check out their snazzy site.

Ever had to really MANAGE YOUR MONEY before?  youcandealwithit.com has got lots of helpful info so you don't wind-up drowning in debt and dumpster-diving for food and clothing!  Even if you think you have the money part of your life under control, check out this site and see how smart you really are.