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Elementary Re-Organization Information

Are you looking for more information on the Elementary School Re-Organization?  Below are some links with information regarding this proposed change.

Maple Wood School Newspaper Routes 2018-2019

Idlehurst Elementary Newspaper Routes 2018(4)

Elementary Re-organization Presentation – 5-8-2018

Article 1 – CenteronSchoolTurnaround_Targeted-Support-Improvement

Article 2 – CST_Using_Fed_Funds_Final2

Article 3 – High-quality collaboration benefits teachers and students

Article 4 – Mathis RBOPM-9 Class Size

Article 5 – Teacher Collaboration and Achievement of Students with LDs

Article 6 – PB08_ClassSize08

Article 7 – nh_turnaround_indicators_rev_0813

Article 8 – Academic Supports 9-11-14

Article 9 – Implementation of Effective Intervention LLI ED544374

Article 10 – Teacher collaboration and student achievement 0002831215585562

Article 11 – Teacher morale, student engagement and achievement reading growth EJ1131517

Article 12 – 2010-Strong-Leaders-Strong-Schools

Article 13 – Closing the reading gap vol2

Article 14 – wwc_leveledliteracy_091917

Reorganization- Parent Questions Handout 4-10-18

Somersworth Elementary Reorganization Parent Presentation 4-10-18

Reorganization of the Elementary Schools School Board Presentation 3-27-2018

Reorganized- NH Schools

Elementary Re-Organization Presentation

Message from Interim Superintendent, Lori Lane


I would like to invite parents and community members to attend a presentation on the elementary school re-organization that the school district is currently studying.  This presentation will be offered on Tuesday, April 10 from 5:30 to 6:30 PM at Idlehurst Elementary School.  The presentation will be repeated at Maple Wood Elementary School the following night, Wednesday, April 11 also from 5:30 to 6:30 PM.  This will be a great opportunity to learn more about what the school district is studying.