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SYC After School Transportation

For students who attend the SYC After School Program and rides the bus they will ride that same bus to Idlehurst to be dropped off. Any walker who will be attending SYC from Maple Wood will ride bus “S1” to Idlehurst.

Before School Care

Do you have a student in grades K-2 and are interested in Before School Care for your child?  Attached is our new before school care program handbook.  Hurry up and sign up as space is limited and filling up fast!  For more information contact Katie Krauss 603-692-4450.


Before School Care Handbook

Elementary Re-Organization Information

Are you looking for more information on the Elementary School Re-Organization?  Below are some links with information regarding this proposed change.

Maple Wood School Newspaper Routes 2018-2019

Idlehurst Elementary Newspaper Routes 2018(4)

Elementary Re-organization Presentation – 5-8-2018

Article 1 – CenteronSchoolTurnaround_Targeted-Support-Improvement

Article 2 – CST_Using_Fed_Funds_Final2

Article 3 – High-quality collaboration benefits teachers and students

Article 4 – Mathis RBOPM-9 Class Size

Article 5 – Teacher Collaboration and Achievement of Students with LDs

Article 6 – PB08_ClassSize08

Article 7 – nh_turnaround_indicators_rev_0813

Article 8 – Academic Supports 9-11-14

Article 9 – Implementation of Effective Intervention LLI ED544374

Article 10 – Teacher collaboration and student achievement 0002831215585562

Article 11 – Teacher morale, student engagement and achievement reading growth EJ1131517

Article 12 – 2010-Strong-Leaders-Strong-Schools

Article 13 – Closing the reading gap vol2

Article 14 – wwc_leveledliteracy_091917

Reorganization- Parent Questions Handout 4-10-18

Somersworth Elementary Reorganization Parent Presentation 4-10-18

Reorganization of the Elementary Schools School Board Presentation 3-27-2018

Reorganized- NH Schools